What is Co-Parent Counseling? 

    Co-parenting counseling is a targeted, solution-focused counseling that addresses the specific issues related to collaborative parenting during and after a separation or divorce. It is not individual or couples therapy. The sessions may be structured by meeting with parents together or separately. The purpose of co-parenting counseling is to assist parents in reducing their emotional reactivity, improve communication, and strengthen the co-parenting relationship so they can function in ways that facilitate their children’s healthy adjustment to the separation or divorce and living in two households. 

    Co-parenting counseling is not a legal service; it is practical assistance with parenting when parents live separately. Co-parenting counseling can enhance and compliment the process of legally separating or divorcing, including the services provided by an attorney or attorney-mediator. Participants can develop mutually agreed upon specific, written plans for how to share time with, parent, communicate about, and make decisions for their children. The agreed upon plans created in co-parenting counseling do not automatically become legal documents. However, your attorney can assist you with submitting plans that have been agreed upon and signed by both parties to the court in order to make them legally binding documents.  

    Whether you are early in the process of ending your relationship, need to make changes to a longer-standing co-parenting arrangement, or require assistance moving past a disagreement or problem within your co-parenting relationship, co-parenting counseling can help you create a more collaborative, amicable and effective relationship with the other parent regardless of whether or not you have participated in the legal system.  

Newport Counseling Center, LLC
Co-Parenting Services
The goals of co-parenting counseling include: 

• Assisting parents to communicate and collaborate about child-related issues in a constructive and respectful manner 

• Reducing parental conflict 

• Developing and/or implementing a parenting plan for shared time with the child/children

• Resolving difficulties, challenges, or concerns with an existing parenting plan and daily routines/schedules 

• Addressing unresolved emotions impairing parenting and the co-parenting relationship 

• Resolving conflicts in child-rearing philosophies and practices 

• Improving collaborative decision-making regarding the child/children’s needs 

• Giving parents tools and strategies for helping their child/children adjust to the change in family structure


Co-parenting counseling services are not covered by most insurance companies due to this service being of non-medical necessity.

The rate for these services at Newport Counseling Center is:
$70/session-1 hour
$35/person for joint sessions
$70/person for individual sessions

NOTE: These amounts are the responsibility of the individual and must be paid at the time of service.